Top Choice Fiesta in Liège

Festival Outremeuse

A week of raucously drunken celebrations in Outremeuse culminates on 15 August when sermons are read in Walloon dialect, then everyone gets tipsy on pékèt (local gin). Expect firecrackers, puppets, traditional dance…
Carnival in Malmedy


Malmédy's big event is this four-day series of carnival festivities whose high-point is on the Sunday before Mardi Gras - handy if you want to head to Eupen for Rosen Montag next day. Amid a confusing cast of charac…
Cultural in Liège

Nocturne des Coteaux

Liège comes alive at dusk with 20,000 candles forming beautiful patterns on the vertiginous Montagne de Bueren. Historic buildings (many usually closed) open their doors, there are numerous free concerts and at 11.3…
Religious in St-Hubert

St-Hubert's Day

On St-Hubert’s Day, the square outside the church is host to one of Belgium’s weirder religious ceremonies as priests bless a menagerie of pet dogs, along with their owners’ bread!
Gin in Hasselt

Hasseltse Jeneverfeesten

The highlight of the festival is when the town's little Borrelmanneke (barrel-carrying man) fountain is briefly re-plumbed to flow with jenever (gin).
Cultural in Mons

La Ducasse

Known locally as Le Doudou, Unesco-listed festival La Ducasse sees the remains of Ste Waudru (a 7th-century female miracle worker and Mons’ patron) raucously paraded around town on Trinity Sunday (eight weeks after …