Top Choice Live Music in Burg, Markt & the North

Retsin’s Lucifernum

A former Masonic lodge owned by a self-proclaimed vampire: ring the bell on a Sunday night, pass the voodoo temple and hope you’re invited inside where an otherworldly candle-lit bar may be serving potent rum cockta…
Top Choice Jazz in Brussels

Music Village

Polished 100-seat jazz venue housed in two 17th-century buildings with dinner (not compulsory) available from 7pm and concerts starting at 8.30pm, 9pm at weekends. The performers squeeze onto a small podium that’s v…
Top Choice Theatre in Brussels

Théâtre Royal de Toone

Eight generations of the Toone family have staged classic puppet productions in the Bruxellois dialect at this endearing marionette theatre, a highlight of any visit to Brussels. Shows are aimed at adults, but kids …
Top Choice Cinema in Brussels

Cinéma Galeries

Inside the graceful glassed-over Galeries St-Hubert, this art deco beauty concentrates on foreign and arthouse films. An authentic Brussels movie experience.
Live Performance in Burg, Markt & the North


There’s no set schedule, but one place you might witness the eccentric (if hardly exciting) ‘traditional sport’ of finch singing is along Hugo Verrieststraat, early on summer Sunday mornings. Dating from the late 16…
Jazz in Brussels


This intimate, split-level art-deco bar has been playing jazz since 1937. It’s an unusual two-tiered circular space that can get incredibly packed but remains convivial. You might need to ring the doorbell. Saturday…
Live Music in Burg, Markt & the North

Du Phare

Tucked into the remains of one of Bruges’ original town gates, this off-the-beaten-track tavern serves up huge portions of couscous (and offers free bread, a rarity in Belgium). But Du Phare is best known for its li…
Live Music in Brussels


The AB’s two auditoriums are favourite venues for mid-level international rock bands and acts such as Jools Holland and Madeleine Peyroux, plus plenty of home-grown talent. The ticket office is located on Rue des Pi…
Live Music in Brussels

Art Base

One of the best little venues in town for music fans with eclectic tastes. It resembles someone’s living room, but the programming is first rate, and it’s worth taking a punt on Greek rebetiko, Indian classical musi…
Live Music in The South

Cactus Muziekcentrum

Though small, this is the city’s top venue for contemporary and world music, both live bands and international DJs. It also organises festivals including July’s Cactus Music Festival, held in the Minnewater park at …