Dinant attractions

Fortress in Dinant

Citadelle de Dinant

Though sparse on sights, this vast, unadorned 1818 citadel looms menacingly on its clifftop, offering toe-curling views high over town. The entrance price includes the cable car to the top, though you can take on th…
Museum in Dinant

Maison Leffe

Set in a former convent, this place tells the story of Dinant's most famous creation, Leffe beer, first brewed in the Abbaye de Leffe back in 1240. Although the original abbey no longer stands – and the brewing now …
Gardens in Dinant

Jardins d’Annevoie

Laid out in 1758 around the manor house of Charles-Alexis de Montpellier, these gardens are a delightful mix of French, Italian and English styles, incorporating plenty of fountains and tree-lined waterways. Annevoi…
Church in Dinant

Église Notre-Dame

Imparting gravitas and Gothic grandeur amid the tour coaches, this church sits right under the rock face. Indeed, the current church was built when part of the cliff fell away and destroyed the old one in 1227; only…
Chateau in Dinant

Château de Freÿr

Freÿr’s riverside Renaissance château boasts very impressive formal gardens. It's located around 6km south of Dinant.