Travellers with Disabilities

New buildings, including hotels and shops, are required to be constructed in a ‘disabled-friendly’ way. Slowly increasing numbers of public buildings are thus sprouting lifts and/or ramps, but with numerous buildings that are centuries old, such additions are not always easy to incorporate.

Access to public transport is rapidly improving and information about facilities is decent.

Trains have wheelchair spaces, but it's important to contact the departure station at least a day before.

In all cities and many big towns, larger hotels can usually accommodate travellers in wheelchairs, as can many official HI hostels.

Some useful resources:

Accessible Travel Info Point You can download the ever-expanding brochure, which has masses of detail on the accessibility of attractions and accommodation in Flanders and Brussels with a graded rating system.

Bruxelles Pour Tous ( Valuable online 'guidebook' for Brussels, giving good information about facilities and attractions for disabled visitors. Luxembourg accessibility site with useful information, mostly in French.