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  • The Nest Brussels Avoid the EU chain hotels and stay in this attractive family-run place.
  • Downtown-BXL Gay-friendly and exotically furnished option in Brussels' party district.
  • Druum Hip apartment living with individually designed rooms.

Artistic Style

  • Pantone The name says it all: Pantone is decked out in a gorgeous array of colours.
  • Druum Each impeccably cool bedroom has been individually designed by an artist.
  • Jam Hotel This stylish former art school has stayed true to its artistic origins.
  • Hôtel Welcome A decorative world tour, with inspiration from Zanzibar and the Congo.


  • Villa Botanique Guesthouse A huge garden with ping pong, BBQ and lounge chairs.
  • Jardin Secret Your enter a Japanese-style courtyard via a plant shop: a gardener's heaven.
  • Jam Hotel The rooftop bar features wild planting in beds, and looks down to a streetside pool.