Top Choice Pub in St-Gilles, Ixelles & Uccle

Brasserie de la Renaissance

This grand café has a single, high-ceilinged room whose walls sport a ludicrously ornate load of gilt stucco tracery. Despite the grandeur, drinks are cheap and the food (Portuguese, Italian and Belgo-French) is an …
Top Choice Bar in St-Gilles, Ixelles & Uccle

Maison du Peuple

This venerable 19th-century building faces out onto the market square of Parvis de St-Gilles. A combined café, bar and exhibition space, its scruffy-cool decor, with exposed light bulbs and bare-brick walls, marks i…
Top Choice Pub in Grand Place & Îlot Sacré

Le Cirio

This sumptuous 1886 grand café dazzles with polished brasswork and aproned waiters, yet prices aren’t exorbitant and coiffured mesdames with small dogs still dilute the gaggles of tourists. The house speciality is a…
Top Choice Brown Cafe in St-Gilles, Ixelles & Uccle

Chez Moeder Lambic

An institution. Behind windows plastered with beer stickers, this tattered, quirky old café is the ultimate beer spot in Brussels. Sample some of its hundreds of brews while flipping through the collection of dog-ea…
Top Choice Bar in Grand Place & Îlot Sacré

Goupil le Fol

Overwhelming weirdness hits you as you acid-trip your way through this sensory overload of rambling passageways, ragged old sofas and inexplicable beverages mostly based on madly fruit-flavoured wines (no beer is se…
Top Choice Teahouse in St-Gilles, Ixelles & Uccle

Comptoir Florian

Two tiny, super-cosy tasting rooms behind a tea-trading store offer six bean types for its coffees, and 200 teas, served in an eclectic range of pots. The teahouse has a classic curved-wood and tiled interior.
Top Choice Pub in Grand Place & Îlot Sacré

A l'Imaige de Nostre-Dame

Down a tiny hidden alley from Rue du Marché aux Herbes 5, Nostre-Dame has an almost medieval feel but retains a genuine local vibe. A magical old café…except for the toilets.
Top Choice Bar in Grand Place & Îlot Sacré


At the home to Brussels’ classic puppet theatre, this irresistibly quaint and cosy timber-framed bar serves beers and basic snacks.
Bar in St-Gilles, Ixelles & Uccle

Chez Franz

An emporium of nocturnal activities such as gigs, and of apéritifs featuring deli cuts and cheese platters, Chez Franz is a locals' bar. The beers are generous and there's a selection from the Brussels Beer Project …
Bar in Grand Place & Îlot Sacré

Via Via Café

Rub shoulders with a Flemish crowd at this industrial cafe, with brick and concrete floors, away from the nearby touristy hot spots. Try local beers such as those from Brussels Beer Project, or a homemade soft. The …