Top things to do

Top Choice Gallery in The South


Bruges’ most celebrated art gallery boasts an astonishingly rich collection whose strengths are in superb Flemish Primitive and Renaissance works, depicting the conspicuous wealth of the city with glitteringly reali…
Top Choice Live Music in Burg, Markt & the North

Retsin’s Lucifernum

A former Masonic lodge owned by a self-proclaimed vampire: ring the bell on a Sunday night, pass the voodoo temple and hope you’re invited inside where an otherworldly candle-lit bar may be serving potent rum cockta…
Top Choice International in Burg, Markt & the North

De Stove

Just 20 seats keep this gem intimate. Fish caught daily is the house speciality, but the monthly changing menu also includes the likes of wild boar fillet on oyster mushrooms. Everything, from the bread to the ice c…
Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Burg, Markt & the North

't Apostelientje

Bruges overflows with lace vendors, but this sweet little ‘museum shop’ is well off the normal tourist trail. The delicate garments and gifts on sale are made from beautiful and authentic lace, handmade by two siste…
Top Choice International in The South

Den Gouden Harynck

Behind an ivy-clad facade, this uncluttered Michelin-starred restaurant garners consistent praise and won’t hurt the purse quite as severely as certain better-known competitors. A lovely location: both central and s…
Top Choice Cafe in The South

In ’t Nieuwe Museum

So called because of the museum-like collection of brewery plaques, money boxes and other mementos of café life adorning the walls, this family-owned local favourite serves succulent meat cooked on a 17th-century op…
Top Choice Food in Burg, Markt & the North

Diksmuids Boterhuis

This gorgeously traditional grocery is now surrounded by mainstream boutiques but has been here since 1933. Decked out with red and white gingham flounces and featuring a ceiling hung with sausages, it purveys chees…
Top Choice Belgian in The South

Pro Deo

A snug and romantic restaurant in a 16th-century whitewashed gabled building. The owner couple bring a personal touch, and serve up superb Belgian dishes such as stoofvlees (traditional stew).
Top Choice Bistro in The South


A cool late-night bistro with marble table tops and a decent range of Flemish staples including fresh Zeebrugge shrimps. An excellent late-nighter.
Church in Burg, Markt & the North


The stadhuis’s western end morphs into the strangely invisible Heilig-Bloedbasiliek. The basilica takes its name from a phial supposedly containing a few drops of Christ’s blood that was brought here after the 12th …