Top Choice Live Music in Bruges

Retsin’s Lucifernum

A former Masonic lodge owned by a self-proclaimed vampire: ring the bell on a Sunday night, pass the voodoo temple and hope you’re invited inside where an otherworldly candle-lit bar may be serving potent rum cockta…
Live Music in Bruges

Du Phare

Tucked into the remains of one of Bruges’ original town gates, this off-the-beaten-track tavern serves up huge portions of couscous (and offers free bread, a rarity in Belgium). But Du Phare is best known for its li…
Live Music in Bruges

Cactus Muziekcentrum

Though small, this is the city’s top venue for contemporary and world music, both live bands and international DJs. It also organises festivals including July’s Cactus Music Festival, held in the Minnewater park at …
Live Music in Bruges

Joey’s Café

These days Joey’s is run by Stevie, who performs with local band Cajun Moon and consequently, this dark, intimate bar is a gathering spot for Bruges’ musos. You can sometimes catch live music here (call to check dat…
Concert Venue in Bruges


Bruges’ stunning 21st-century concert hall is the work of architects Paul Robbrecht and Hilde Daem and takes its design cues from the city’s three famous towers and red bricks. Theatre, classical music and dance are…
Live Performance in Bruges


There’s no set schedule, but one place you might witness the eccentric (if hardly exciting) ‘traditional sport’ of finch singing is along Hugo Verrieststraat, early on summer Sunday mornings. Dating from the late 16…
Theatre in Bruges

Cultuurcentrum Brugge

Coordinates theatrical and concert events at several venues, including the majestic 1869 theatre Koninklijke Stadsschouwburg, out-of-centre MaZ and experimental little Biekorf Theaterzaal in the public-library compl…
Theatre in Bruges

Koninklijke Stadsschouwburg

Cultuurcentrum Brugge coordinates theatrical and concert events at several venues, including this majestic 1869 theatre. Opera, classical concerts, theatre and dance are on offer; out front is statue of Papageno, fr…
Cinema in Bruges

Cinema Lumière

Just a couple of blocks back from the Markt, this art-house cinema screens a well-chosen program of foreign films in their original languages and is home to the Cinema Novo Film Festival.
Theatre in Bruges

Biekorf Theaterzaal

Experimental theatre in the public-library complex.