Top things to do in Bastogne

Top Choice Museum in Bastogne

Bastogne War Museum

This highly recommended modern museum takes you into the heart of WWII, with an audio guide featuring four imagined voices of civilian and military witnesses/participants. A usefully thorough summary of the war's co…
Bar in Bastogne

Brasserie Lamborelle

This small, cosy pub features elements of exposed brick and stonework amid cowhide wallpaper squares and enamel signboards. It serves a remarkable range of beers, including brown and blonde versions of the excellent…
Memorial in Bastogne

Mardasson American War Memorial

In a pretty area of woods and fields 1.5km northeast of Bastogne's Pl St-Pièrre, this large WWII memorial is shaped as a circle within a five-pointed star. Its sombre grey pillars are inscribed with the names of the…
Museum in Bastogne

Bastogne Barracks

These active barracks were once the HQ of General McAuliffe's 101st Airborne Division. Excellent, enthusiastic two-hour guided visits peruse the reconstruction centre for WWII vehicles and the 'Nuts' room where mann…
Brasserie in Bastogne

Wagon Léo

Open since 1946, the genteel restaurant section of this spot is fronted by a 1940s tram carriage with wooden-inlay walls. Meals here can be quite elaborate French-style affairs, but for something lighter nip a coupl…
Parade in Bastogne

Nuts Weekend

Sirens wail as tanks and antique military vehicles roll through Bastogne, followed by flag-bearing parade crowds and solemn brass bands: a memorial to the 1944 WWII Battle of the Bulge.