Brasserie Lamborelle

Bar in Bastogne

This small, cosy pub features elements of exposed brick and stonework amid cowhide wallpaper squares and enamel signboards. It serves a remarkable range of beers, including brown and blonde versions of the excellent house brew Airborne (9%, €4.50), served in novel helmet-shaped ceramic cups with a little dish of free snacks.

Their bières flambées are giant glasses of flaming liqueurs to which beer is added to make bizarre cocktails (€13). Food includes raclette and pierrades (hot-stone on-the-table barbecues, €20.50 to €24.50), along with tasty, inexpensive pub meals.

It's located on an otherwise unglamorous strip of bars off Rue du Vivier, a block northeast of Pl McAuliffe. There's a real fire in winter. Credit cards only for transactions over €20.