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Antwerp's extensive red-bike system works very smoothly, with thousands of bikes at over 100 stations. Membership can be purchased online with a credit (but not debit) card. Use the key code to release a bike, then …
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Ecolines services for Eastern Europe depart from near Antwerpen-Berchem train station, 2km southeast of Antwerpen-Centraal. The ticket agent is Euro-Maror.
Bus in Antwerp


International Eurolines buses depart from points near Franklin Rooseveltplaats.
Bicycle Rental in Antwerp


Bike rental at the basement level of Antwerpen-Centraal station.
Bus in Antwerp

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Antwerp Airport

Tiny Antwerp Airport is 4km southeast of the city, accessible on bus 14 from Antwerpen-Berchem. The only scheduled flights to or via London are with CityJet; other flights mainly service Spanish cities, Hamburg or B…
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