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Entry & Exit Formalities

A 30-day visa-free regime is in place for most visitors as long as they arrive in and depart from Minsk National Airport. Separate 10-day visa-free regimes in place for overland visitors to Brest and Hrodna.

Customs Regulations

  • Duty-free export or import of up to 200 cigarettes and 3L of wine, spirits or beer.
  • Declare foreign currency in excess of €10,000 upon entry or exit.
  • May not bring in total goods worth more than €1500/€10,000 at land/air borders.


Visas not required for stays of 30 days or less for citizens of 74 countries, but must fly in/out of Minsk.

Visa Requirements

Citizens of 74 countries can enter Belarus visa-free for up to 30 days as long as they arrive and depart from Minsk National Airport. If arriving or departing by land, everybody needs a visa – unless you are targeting either Brest or Hrodna, the two visa-free zones. For stays longer than 30 days, everybody needs a visa.

If arriving visa-free, you must purchase a Belarusian health insurance policy upon landing in Minsk to cover the length of your stay (about €1 per day).

Should you need a visa, arrange it well in advance. Visa-on-arrival may be possible but requires just as much paperwork as arranging one in advance. Visas can be secured at any Belarusian consulate. The norm is a 30-day single-entry tourist visa. You'll need the following to apply:

  • Completed application
  • Letter of invitation (LOI) arranged through a travel agent, hotel or private individual in Belarus.
  • A Belarusian health-insurance policy arranged through a travel agent (about €1 per day plus the agent's fee).

Belarusian visa regulations change frequently, so check the website of your nearest Belarusian embassy for the latest requirements.

Other Visa Types

Besides the 30-day single-entry tourist visa, the following additional types of visa are possible:

  • Business visa.
  • Transit visa, valid for 48 hours (requires onward travel documents).


Visa costs vary depending on the country you apply in and your citizenship. Single- or multiple-entry visas typically cost about 60 euros, as do transit and business visas. Express visas (processed within one to two working days) cost double.

Travel Agencies

The following offer good visa support should you need it:


Belarus Rent

Minsk Guide

Nemnovo Tour


If you are staying in Belarus for more than five working days, you must register with the local authorities. Hotels and most apartment services do this automatically, and it's included in the room price. If you change accommodation during your stay in Belarus, you should re-register.

If you are staying with an individual or with a hostel that does not handle registration, you or your host will have to register your visa at the main AGIM office in Minsk, or at any regional AGIM office. This is straightforward enough: an officer will walk you through the process, including a visit to the neighbouring bank to pay the BYN24 fee, in broken English. There’s also an option to register online for free at https://portal.gov.by (you’ll need to create an account first).

Registration these days involves receiving a white piece of paper from each hotel/host where you stay. Do not lose these – the relaxed visa rules have not been accompanied by relaxed registration rules. Border officers may demand proof of accommodation for the duration of your trip, regardless of whether this is an actual legal requirement (there's some grey area).