Top things to do

Top Choice Palace in Nyasvizh

Nyasvizh Castle

Over a causeway leading away from the town with lovely lakes on either side lies this palace-like castle and park complex. It was erected by the Radziwill family in 1583 but was rebuilt and restored often over the c…
Top Choice Museum in Vitsebsk

Marc Chagall Art Center

The first museum on every itinerary should be the excellent Chagall Art Center, which was established in 1992 and has about 300 of Chagall's works, of which less than one-third are on display at any given time.
Top Choice Castle in Mir

Mir Castle

Rising majestically above the town, the 16th-century Mir Castle overlooks a postcard-perfect lake and resembles something straight out of Disney. A recent renovation has the place looking simply lovely, with gorgeou…
Top Choice Museum in Minsk

Museum of the Great Patriotic War

Housed in a garish new building, Minsk's best museum houses an excellent display detailing Belarus' suffering and heroism during the Nazi occupation. With English explanations throughout, atmospheric dioramas and a …
Top Choice Gifts & Souvenirs in Minsk

Ў Gallery & Shop

This cool space, named after a letter unique to the Belarusian language (called 'u nieskladovaye', and pronounced as a 'v') is about as counter-cultural as Minsk gets. The design, souvenir and clothes shop is the id…
Top Choice Cocktail Bar in Minsk

Sweet & Sour

This dimly lit hideaway is for serious cocktail aficionados. Kick back in scuffed leather couches or belly up to the bar and order US prohibition-era classics from smartly dressed bartenders. Some of the best cockta…
Top Choice Bistro in Minsk

Bistro de Luxe

Housed in a gorgeous space with chandeliers, sleek brasserie-style furnishings, a chessboard floor and luxury toilets, Bistro de Luxe has charm and atmosphere that's hard to find elsewhere in Minsk. The food is exce…
Top Choice Cafeteria in Minsk


This large, upscale stolovaya (cafeteria) with Latvian roots has a huge array of food on display, so it's easy for non-Russian speakers: just point at what you want. Classic Russian soups and salads, grilled trout, …
Top Choice International in Brest

Jules Verne

It's almost a miracle that such a great restaurant exists in Brest. Decked out like a traditional gentlemen's club and with a travel theme, this dark, atmospheric joint manages to be refined without being stuffy. It…
Top Choice International in Homel


With a prime location right on the Sozh River and an exciting contemporary menu, Homel's top restaurant is bringing dishes like salad Lyonnaise, sous vide salmon, and meat cooked in a tandoor (clay oven) to this hid…