Top Choice Gifts & Souvenirs in Minsk

Ў Gallery & Shop

This cool space, named after a letter unique to the Belarusian language (called 'u nieskladovaye', and pronounced as a 'v') is about as counter-cultural as Minsk gets. The design, souvenir and clothes shop is the id…
Art in Minsk


This underground bohemian shop-cum-art-gallery sells all sorts of goodies you'd be hard-pressed to find anywhere else, like original T-shirts, funky artistic pieces, and handmade jewellery.
Maps in Minsk


Covering Belarus and the globe, it caters to serious map junkies.
Gifts & Souvenirs in Minsk

Minskikh Maestroy Souvenir Market

This outdoor souvenir market on pl Svobody is where you can haggle for local art, folk crafts, Soviet posters and coins, matryoshka dolls, etc.
Shopping Centre in Minsk


Check this centrally located department store for souvenirs and Milavitsa products.
Books in Minsk

Tsentralnaya Kniharnya

Large and central bookshop, and worth browsing for souvenirs.
Mall in Minsk

Stolitsa Shopping Centre

If you want a general browse, a good place to start is the Stolitsa Shopping Centre, a three-level subterranean mall housing much of the capital's swankiest shops.
Shopping Centre in Minsk


Check department stores like TsUM for souvenirs and Milavitsa products. There are no dressing rooms.
Mall in Brest


The city's TsUM has a limited supply of souvenirs on the 1st floor near the pr Mashereva entrance.