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Before You Go

Recommended Vaccinations

No special vaccinations are required for travel to Belarus.

Health Insurance

All visitors to Belarus need a policy from an authorised state health-insurance provider. If travelling visa-free, you can purchase this on arrival at the airport in Minsk. If applying for a visa, you'll need to purchase this in advance from a travel agent in Minsk. The cost is about €1 per day. Your home policy may work if you can prove to authorities that it covers Belarus.

The Belarusian policy will cover you for minor problems that can be treated in Belarus state hospitals. However, to cover yourself against more serious injuries that might require medical evacuation, we recommend also obtaining a legitimate international health-insurance policy.

In Belarus

Availability & Cost of Health Care

Belarusian health care is firmly rooted in the Soviet system, so expect old, antiquated hospitals and equipment, and shortages of medications and other supplies. If a serious health concern arises, we recommend immediately heading overland to seek treatment in Poland or Lithuania, or flying to Western Europe or your home country.

On the flip side, local health care is extremely cheap – and may even be close to free in public facilities, given that you're required to carry a state-sanctioned local policy. State hospitals can capably handle most minor ailments as well as simple broken bones and cuts requiring stitches.

Tap Water

The tap water in Belarus is generally fine to drink, but it's always safer to drink bottled water. Do your part for the environment by bringing your own bottle and filling it up at hotels, restaurants or wherever you can.