Canteen in Minsk


This excellent place is a real lifesaver for a quick and filling meal. The large cafeteria has a huge array of food on display, so it's easy for non-Russian speakers: just point at what you want. Lunchtime is always…
Top Choice Bistro in Minsk

Bistro de Luxe

Housed in a gorgeous space with chandeliers, sleek brasserie-style furnishings, a chessboard floor and aspirational toilets, Bistro de Luxe has charm and atmosphere that's hard to find elsewhere in Minsk. The food i…
Top Choice Food Court in Minsk

Food Republic

This brand new restaurant complex is a real turn up for the books in dusty old Minsk: 10 different eateries and a number of food shops all under one huge industrial-style roof, with cuisine running from sushi, burge…
Russian in Minsk


This Minsk institution specialises in many varieties of delicious, freshly made pelmeni (Russian-style ravioli stuffed with meat) and also offers a wide selection of pastas, curries and other international cuisine. …
Traditional in Minsk

Strawnya Talaka

This relaxed and cosy basement place is unashamedly aimed at tourists, but it also happens to be one of the best restaurants in Minsk for an authentic local meal. Try the hare in bilberry sauce, the mushroom soup se…
Spanish in Minsk

Tapas Bar

This stylish joint with olive-coloured walls, friendly service and bright dining areas serves up good tapas from a large menu. All the classics are present, as well as a range of meaty platos calientes (hot dishes) …
Pizza in Minsk

Pizza Tempo

This chain has seven pizzerias spread across the city, with each restaurant stylishly decorated and enjoying a relaxed vibe. Citywide delivery is available and the pizza is the best we've found in Minsk.
Pie Shop in Minsk


Stolle is a great option with delicious, freshly baked sweet and savoury pies to eat in or take away. This is the most central location of the many now open in the city and, unlike the others, there's also a full no…
Belarusian in Minsk


A stone's throw from the president's office, this charming Belarusian place boasts wooden beams, a tiled fireplace, wrought-iron light fittings and antique knick-knacks. Staff are equally pleasant and the menu is p…
Italian in Minsk

Grand Cafe

This classy place has great service from waiters in tuxedos, and white-linen tablecloths starched enough to cause an injury. The interesting menu is big on seasonal Italian classics, with plenty of choice and a few …