Internet Access

Free wi-fi is the rule at most hotels, cafes and restaurants.

Post Office Internet

Train Station Internet On the 2nd floor of the train station; take the westernmost staircase.


ATMs can be found throughout the city and often dispense US dollars and euros as well as Belarusian roubles. Exchange bureaus dot the centre and are in some of the higher-end hotels. Your main use for a bank might be to pay any jaywalking or other fines you accumulate.

Belarusbank Bank near the Old Town where you can change money and pay fines.


DHL and UPS have offices in the major hotels.

Central Post Office A landmark in the centre of town. There's an additional post-office branch in the train station.

Tourist Information

Minsk Tourist Information Centre The main tourist office is central but well hidden in the courtyard behind vul Revalyutsiynaya 13. The staff speak English, give out free maps and can help find guides in English and other languages.

Travel Agencies

Travel agencies are essential if you require visa support and, should you need it, health insurance. Tour leader Minsk Guide also can provide both.

BelarusTourService An excellent source for visa support, hotel bookings and transfers. The are knowledgeable and run a range of tours around the country.

Prime Tour One of the best overall travel agents, it's best for pre-booked package tours.