Top Choice Museum in Minsk

Museum of the Great Patriotic War

Housed in a garish new building after leaving its severely outdated premises on Oktyabrskaya pl, Minsk's best museum houses an excellent display detailing Belarus' suffering and heroism during the Nazi occupation. W…
Top Choice Gallery in Minsk

Ў Gallery

This cool space, named after a letter unique to the Belarusian language (called 'u nieskladovaye', and pronounced as a 'v') is about as counter-cultural as Minsk gets. Come by for a taste of contemporary art, then e…
Museum in Minsk

Belarus National Museum of History & Culture

Most visitors leave here with their head spinning (Belarusian-only explanation panels don't help). It takes you on a journey into the turbulent history of the nation, and features a replica of the printing press use…
Museum in Minsk

Belarusian State Art Museum

This excellent state museum has been renovated and now includes a light-bathed extension out the back that features local art from the 1940s to the 1970s. Don't miss Valentin Volkov's socialist realist Minsk on July…
Statue in Minsk

Bust of Felix Dzerzhinsky

On one side of Ploshcha Nezalezhnastsi is a long narrow park with a bust of Felix Dzerzhinsky, the founder of the KGB's predecessor (the Cheka) and a native of Belarus.
Church in Minsk

Church of St Aleksandr Nevsky

This redbrick church was built in 1898, was closed by the Bolsheviks, reopened by the Nazis, closed again by the Soviets and now it's open once more. It's said that during WWII, a bomb crashed through the roof and l…
Notable Building in Minsk

Former Residence of Lee Harvey Oswald

Just across the bridge over the Svislach River, on the west bank, is the former residence of Lee Harvey Oswald; it's the bottom left apartment. The alleged assassin of former US president John F Kennedy lived here f…
Notable Building in Minsk

KGB Headquarters

An entire block at No 17 is occupied by a yellow neoclassical building with an ominous, temple-like Corinthian portal - the KGB Headquarters .
Market in Minsk

Palats Mastatsva (Art Palace)

While it doesn't necessarily hold the largest or most impressive collection of Belarusian art, Palats Mastatsva is a cool place to hang out. There are several exhibition halls showing modern art, used book and antiq…
Square in Minsk

Pl Svabody

Between vul Internatsyanalnaya and the river is the charming pl Svabody, which contains the baroque, twin-towered Orthodox Holy Spirit Cathedral, built in 1642. Standing confidently on a small hill, it was once part…