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This is a trip to the world of 1000 years history of the belarusian capital. The most significant monuments, persons and legends of our city are in one tour. The city of eclectic mixture will meet you, where the spires of the old town are towering to the sky together with the modern office blocks, where old private houses' wooden walls are standing side by side with soviet palaces' marble, where Baroque's soft and warm lines are in contrast with pompous Stalin's Empire style. Mutilated in the past by wars and fires, today our main city looks clear and nice. Wide avenues and calm streets, giant squares and cosy yards, green parks will greet you and tell you what happened here over the last thousand years.The city of writers and artists, sportsmen and under grounders is waiting for you!
During the tour you'll see the rests of old Minsk: castle's place together with nice and cosy Vierchni horad (Upper town), its City Hall together with old orthodox and Roman catholic churches of XVII-XVIII cent.etc,Trajeckaje pradmiescie (old suburb of Minsk) which is close to Island of Tears (memorial devoted to the soldiers who died in Afghanistan war) and to the house of Sviatlana Alexijevich (Nobel prize winner'2016) who became a scandal soviet celebrity cause of her "Afghan" book.You will be surprised by Minsk of XX cent.: giant Opera theater (1934), the monument and the story of a great Belarusian romantic poet Maksim Bahdanovich, Janka Kupala's park (a cultural leader of the Belarusian national movement repressed by Stalin's authority. Then you'll approach memorial house of the 1st Russian socialist democratic labor party's meeting and the house where Harvey Lee Oswald use to live more than 2 years . Also you'll visit the main monument of soviet Minsk - Victory monument (1954). Also the route include Kastrychnickaja ploshcha (October square), Michajlauski skvier (Michael's garden) with Uladzimir Zbanau's urban sculptures, famous Red church (1910), old synagogue, Government's house (1934) and other socialist palaces and big squares of praspiekt Niezalieznasci (Independence av.).Then you'll have a ride around modern praspiekt Pieramozhcau (Winners' av.) with a number of sport palaces including giant Minsk Arena complex. There you'll see the Independence palace which became famous cause of "Ukranian" discussions in 2015. Also the museum of the history of the Great Patriotic war built like a conquered German Reichstag is here. Then you'll see National library with a monument of Francysk Skaryna (a scientist of Renaissance who printed the first Belarusian book) and a modern district of Minsk with water channels eluded to the World Encyclopedia of engineer achievements*...Well, there're so many interesting things to show you! And sure, we'll have time for coffee break and slow meditation, if needed) Ready? Go!* Note, some sites won't be visited or seen in cycling or walking type of the tour.

What’s included

  • Private tour

What’s not included

  • Transportation to/from attractions
  • Hotel pickup (for the tour on car, if the hotel is in Minsk)
  • Hotel drop-off (for the tour on car, if the hotel is in Minsk)