Top things to do

Top Choice International in Brest

Jules Verne

It's almost a miracle that such a great restaurant exists in Brest. Decked out like a traditional gentlemen's club and with a travel theme, this dark, atmospheric joint manages to be refined without being stuffy. It…
Top Choice Museum in Brest

Museum of Railway Technology

One of Brest's most popular sights is the outdoor Museum of Railway Technology, where there's a superb collection of locomotives and carriages dating from 1903 (eg the Moscow–Brest Express, with shower rooms and a v…
Fortress in Brest

Brest Fortress

Very little remains of Brest Fortress. Certainly don't come here expecting a medieval turreted affair – this is a Soviet WWII memorial to the devastating battle that resulted when German troops advanced into the Sov…
Cocktail Bar in Brest


Just an average grill and bar along vul Savetskaya by day, Korova morphs at night into a superb lounge-club, with slick bartenders serving expertly made cocktails and craft beer, while an all-types crowd gets their …
Bar in Brest

Coyote Bar

Bartenders dancing on the bar and loud live music are the calling cards of this raucous bar. Terrific fun any night of the week, it really gets going on weekends, when the best bands play and shots fly.
Monument in Brest

Courage Monument

Dominating the middle of Brest Fortress is this immense, monolithic stone statue of a soldier's head projecting from a massive rock, next to a skyscraping obelisk. Around the obelisk you'll see an eternal flame and …
Church in Brest

Nikalaivsky Church

Behind the Courage monument in the Brest Fortress complex is this attractive Byzantine church, which dates from when the town centre occupied the fortress site, making it the oldest church in the city. Once part of …
Belarusian in Brest

Traktir U Ozera

This old-style traktir (Russian inn) by the larger lake in Brest's main park has plenty of charm. A new sun lounge provides wonderful lake views, while out back there's a summer terrace where you can order draft bee…
European in Brest

Time's Cafe

This friendly and self-consciously cool place has a jazz and blues soundtrack and a summer terrace with views of pedestrianized vul Savetskaya. Dishes range from steak in a balsamic reduction to salmon carpaccio wit…
Museum in Brest

Museum of War, Territory of Peace

Built into the southern bastion of the Brest Fortress is this new museum focusing on WWII. It's more modern and more visual than the other museums within the fortress, and most descriptions are in English.The 'battl…