Top things to do

Top Choice Fine Dining in Brest

Jules Verne

It's almost a miracle that such a great restaurant exists in Brest. Decked out like a gentleman's club and with a travel theme, this dark, atmospheric joint manages to be refined without being stuffy. It serves up c…
Top Choice Museum in Brest

Museum of Railway Technology

One of Brest's most popular sights is the outdoor Museum of Railway Technology, where there's a superb collection of locomotives and carriages dating from 1903 (the Moscow–Brest Express with shower rooms and a very …
Traditional in Brest

Traktir U Ozera

This old-style traktir (Russian inn) by the lake in Brest's main park has plenty of charm, although it's perhaps better for an evening meal than a daytime one, as it rather squanders its lakeside position and is sur…
Notable Building in Brest

St Simon Orthodox Cathedral

Just a block west of Hotel Intourist is the peach-and-green St Simon Orthodox Cathedral, built in 1865 in the Russian Byzantine style (the gold on the cupolas was added in 1997).
Museum in Brest

History of Brest Museum

In an unassuming white building, the two-storey History of Brest Museum has a small exhibit on the city in its different guises throughout history, including an excellent model of the Brest Fortress in its heyday.
Monument in Brest

St Christopher's Polish Catholic Church

On pl Lenina, a statue of Lenin faces east towards Moscow, but it appears to be pointing accusatorily across the street to the 1856 St Christopher's Polish Catholic Church.
Fortress in Brest

Brest Fortress

Very little remains of Brest Fortress. Certainly don't come here expecting a medieval turreted affair – this is a Soviet WWII memorial to the devastating battle that resulted when German troops advanced into the Sov…
Museum in Brest

Defence of Brest Fortress Museum

Inside Brest Fortress is the Defence of Brest Fortress Museum . Its extensive and dramatic exhibits demonstrate aptly the plight of the defenders.
Museum in Brest

Brest Art Museum

Heading south inside the Brest Fortress, there's the Brest Art Museum, which showcases local arts and crafts. To the right is the unmistakable Kholmskie Gate; its bricks are decorated with crenulated turrets and its…
Church in Brest

Nikalaivsky Church

Behind the Valour rock in the Brest Fortress complex is the attractive Byzantine Nikalaivsky Church, the oldest in the city, which dates from when the town centre occupied the fortress site. Once part of a large mon…