Top Choice International in Brest

Jules Verne

It's almost a miracle that such a great restaurant exists in Brest. Decked out like a traditional gentlemen's club and with a travel theme, this dark, atmospheric joint manages to be refined without being stuffy. It…
Belarusian in Brest

Traktir U Ozera

This old-style traktir (Russian inn) by the larger lake in Brest's main park has plenty of charm. A new sun lounge provides wonderful lake views, while out back there's a summer terrace where you can order draft bee…
European in Brest

Time's Cafe

This friendly and self-consciously cool place has a jazz and blues soundtrack and a summer terrace with views of pedestrianized vul Savetskaya. Dishes range from steak in a balsamic reduction to salmon carpaccio wit…
Italian in Brest

Caffé Venezia

It's worth the walk south from the centre to the banks of the Mukhavets River for this Italian-run pizzeria, which serves genuine thin-crust pizzas, pasta and a variety of seafood and meat second courses. The pizzas…
Cafe in Brest

Café Tsitadel

On the vast grounds of the Brest Fortress, this cafe on the banks of the Mukhavets River makes a nice pit stop for a snack or a drink while exploring the fortress.
Supermarket in Brest


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