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Museum of Railway Technology

The outdoor Museum of Railway Technology has a superb collection of locomotives and carriages dating from 1903 (eg the Moscow–Brest Express, with shower rooms and a very comfy main bedroom) to 1988 (far more proleta…
Fortress in Brest

Brest Fortress

During Operation Barbarossa in the early days of the Great Patriotic War (WWII), a small band of soldiers gallantly held off a superior Nazi force at Brest Fortress and became Soviet legends. Today the fortress is a…
Church in Brest

St Nicholas Garrison Church

Behind the Courage monument in the Brest Fortress complex is this attractive Byzantine church, which dates from when the town centre occupied the fortress site, making it the oldest church in the city. Once part of …
Monument in Brest

Courage Monument

Dominating the middle of Brest Fortress is this iconic, monolithic stone statue of a soldier's head projecting from a massive rock, next to a skyscraping obelisk. CNN once put it on a list of the world’s ugliest mon…
Museum in Brest

Museum of War, Territory of Peace

Built into the southern bastion of the Brest Fortress, this is the newest museum within the complex, focusing on WWII. It's modern and visual and has plenty of English descriptions. The 'battle room' does a good job…
Museum in Brest

Museum of Confiscated Art

This museum has an extraordinary display of mostly 17th- to 18th-century icons, jewellery, antique furniture and Chinese porcelain seized from smugglers trying to get them across the border to Poland during the 1990…
Museum in Brest

Bereste Archaeological Museum

Pass through Kholmskie Gate in the Brest Fortress, cross a bridge and you'll spot the Bereste Archaeological Museum on the right. It's a large covered archaeological site where peasant and artisan huts from the 12th…
Museum in Brest

Defence of Brest Hero-Fortress Museum

Inside Brest Fortress, this large museum provides a more than comprehensive look at every minute detail of the fortress's long history and the siege for which it is known. Most of it is in Russian, although there ar…
Church in Brest

St Nicholas Brotherly Church

With its gold cupolas and yellow-and-blue facades shining gaily in the sunshine, this finely detailed 200-year-old Orthodox church is one of several lovely churches in Brest.
Landmark in Brest

Brest Fortress Main Entrance

The entrance to Brest Fortress is an iconic tunnel in the shape of a huge socialist star; sombre music accompanies your passage through the tunnel.