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Top Choice Palace in Nyasvizh

Nyasvizh Castle

Over a causeway leading away from the town with lovely lakes on either side lies this palace-like castle and park complex. It was erected by the Radziwill family in 1583 but was rebuilt and restored often over the c…
Top Choice Castle in Mir

Mir Castle

Rising majestically above the town, the 16th-century Mir Castle overlooks a postcard-perfect lake and resembles something straight out of Disney. A recent renovation has the place looking simply lovely, with gorgeou…
Church in Nyasvizh

Farny Polish Roman Catholic Church

Built between 1584 and 1593 in early baroque style, this church features a splendidly proportioned facade. Inside, the frescoes have been restored to their former elaborate glory.
Belarusian in Mir

Knyazhesky Dvor

This medieval-themed basement restaurant is attached to the Mir Hotel inside Mir Castle. It features a countryside Belarusian menu with a long list of potato-based appetizers like draniki (potato pancakes) to comple…