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  • Minsk Tourism ( Official site for Minsk tourism.
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What to Take

  • Small umbrella or poncho
  • Russian phrasebook
  • Flat-to-round electrical adapters
  • Valid driving licence if you'll be renting a car
  • Good walking shoes – Minsk in particular is vast
  • Water bottle – save money and the environment by carrying your own water

What to Wear

There are few taboos in everyday dress, so dress as you normally would. However, Belarus gets really cold in winter, so bundle up. Orthodox churches might deny access to men or women wearing tank tops or short shorts or skirts. For men, trousers are encouraged but not required; for women a head scarf is required, and slacks or skirts below the knees are encouraged but not required. Nightclubs have strict dress codes and are especially fussy about shoes.

Pre-Departure Checklist

  • If arriving by air, you must also depart by air; otherwise, you'll need a visa.
  • If arriving overland, make sure you have a visa, or the necessary paperwork for visa-free arrival (possible in Brest and Hrodna only).
  • Make sure your passport is valid for at least three months past your arrival date.