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Bridge in Wǎnpíng Town

Marco Polo Bridge

Described by the great traveller himself, this 266m-long, multiarched granite bridge is the oldest bridge in Běijīng and is decorated beautifully with 485 individually carved stone lions, each one different. Dating …
Walls in Wǎnpíng Town

Wǎnpíng Old Town

An astonishing sight, given that you are still within the confines of Běijīng’s 5th Ring Rd, this double-gated, Ming dynasty walled town is still lived in today. Although few of its original buildings still stand (r…
Museum in Wǎnpíng Town

Museum of the War of Chinese People's Resistance Against Japanese Aggression

This modern museum, on the north side of the main road in Wǎnpíng Town, is dedicated to the July 7th Incident (as it’s called here) and the ensuing war with Japan. It's obviously biased but some thought has gone int…
Sichuan in Wǎnpíng Town

Chuān Xiāng Chuān Qíng Shífǔ

Reliable and reasonably priced Sìchuān restaurant just inside the east gate of Wǎnpíng Town. It gets busy at lunchtime. No English is spoken, but there is a picture menu.