Airline in Barbados


The main locally based carrier, known for changing flight schedules at the last moment. Flights to Antigua, Dominica, Grenada, St Lucia, St Vincent, Tobago and Trinidad.
Bus Station in Bridgetown

Northern Minibus Terminal

At the west end of town; minibuses going north. Adjoins Princess Alice Terminal.
Bus Station in Bridgetown

Route Taxi Terminal

Along the river; minibuses along the tourist-heavy southern coast.
Bus Station in Bridgetown

Fairchild St Bus Terminal

North of Fairchild St; public buses going south and east.
Bus Station in Bridgetown

Princess Alice Terminal

At the west end of town; public buses going north.
Bus Station in Bridgetown

River Bus Terminal

Minibuses along central and eastern routes.
Airline in Barbados

Caribbean Airlines

Has regional routes centered on Trinidad.
Car Rental in Barbados

Courtesy Rent-A-Car

A well-established local rental company.
Bus in Barbados

Barbados Transport Board

Website has a useful route finder.
Taxi in Holetown

Sunset Crest Taxi