Oistins Fish Fry

Seafood in Oistins

This legendary spot for fresh fish meals attracts roughly 60% locals, 40% tourists, and there’s a joyous electricity in the air on Friday night, which is just a tad more fun than the fish fry’s other main night, Saturday. It’s held in a complex of low-rise modern buildings right on the sand next to the fish market.

Most of the stalls serve the same menu: grilled fish and shellfish, pork chops, ribs and chicken. Sides include macaroni pie, chips, plaintains, grilled breadfruit, garlic bread and more. Unless you specify, you’ll get a bit of each side with your main. Just because there are more than 30 vendors serving the same menu doesn’t mean all are created equal, however. Go with the crowds; they know. Buy a cheap and icy bottle of Banks and plunge in.

There's a large stage in the middle of the complex where DJs belt out high-volume sets while dancers show off their moves to the crowd – don't expect much conversation during your meal.

While most of the action is on the weekends, even during off-peak moments there are usually a couple of places serving meals and snacks, including tasty fish cakes.