Eating in Barbados is a rewarding experience at all budget levels. Whether you're hitting up humble waterside fry shacks or fine-dining restaurants, you'll find plenty of outstanding fresh seafood. But Bajan cuisine is about more than just fried fish and there are many richly spiced local specialties to try out. Most restaurants in areas popular with travelers offer menus featuring both traditional plates and international cuisine.

Essential Food & Drink

Bananas Local varieties are green even when ripe (look for them in markets).

Banks The island’s crisp lager is refreshing after a day in the hot sun.

Barbadian rum Considered some of the finest in the Caribbean, with Mount Gay being the best-known label.

Conkies A mixture of cornmeal, coconut, pumpkin, sweet potato, raisins and spices, steamed in a plantain leaf.

Cou-cou A creamy cornmeal-and-okra mash.

Cutters Meat or fish sandwiches in a salt-bread roll.

Fish cakes There are myriad Bajan recipes, made from salt cod and deep-fried.

Flying fish Served fried in delicious sandwiches all over the country. It’s a mild white fish that is great sautéed or deep-fried.

Jug-jug A mixture of cornmeal, green peas and salted meat.

Roti A curry filling rolled inside flat bread.