The Barbados National Trust leads guided hikes in the countryside. Hike leaders share insights into local history, geology and wildlife.

A nice hike to do on your own is along the old railroad bed that runs along the east coast from Belleplaine to Martin’s Bay. The whole walk is about 20km, but it can be broken into shorter stretches.

Kitesurfing & Windsurfing

Barbados has good windsurfing and kitesurfing, with the best winds from December to June. Silver Sands, at the southern tip of the island, has excellent conditions for advanced practitioners, while Maxwell, just to the west, is better for intermediates. There are also good breaks for surfers in the area.


Barbados has gained international fame for its east-coast breaks. Ground zero is the Soup Bowl, off Bathsheba, and another spot called Duppies, up the coast. South Point, Silver Sands and Rockley Beach on the south coast are sometimes good, as is Brandon’s, which is next to the Hilton Hotel at Needham’s Point. There are some 30 other named breaks.

There are local guys renting out boards on the beach at most of the popular surf spots. Prices are negotiable depending on the quality of the board, but even the nicest board shouldn't be much more than B$20 per hour, or B$60 for daily rental. It's worth noting that the locals are generally nice and welcoming to outsiders.

There are two good surf schools of note: Zed’s Surfing Adventures, based at Silver Sands, and Barry's Surf Barbados at Dover, which transports clients to various spots, depending on conditions.