Hastings & Rockley restaurants

Top Choice Caribbean in Hastings & Rockley


Vegetarians, vegans and pescatarians can all get their fill at this awesome little eatery on the main road in Hastings that serves a variety of delicious light meals. There are many varieties of veggie burger as wel…
Seafood in Hastings & Rockley


This longtime favorite has a dreamy location overlooking Rockley Beach. Elegant meals include the usual range of grilled seafood plus fresh pasta. Brits will understand the name means ‘Champagne’ – drink some in the…
Southeast Asian in Hastings & Rockley

Wok Up

Pop in for some fast food done well at this bright, contemporary Asian spot. Choose fish, chicken or veggies in a variety of sauces served over rice or noodles.
Caribbean in Hastings & Rockley

Just Grillin’

Affordable and welcoming, this barbecue joint does exactly what the name implies: grilled jerk chicken, burgers, fish and more. Except for the salad and rice (!), the sides are all grilled as well.