Driving Routes in Central Barbados

Highway 2

Running a loop from the Caribbean near Speightstown through the northern center of the island and back out near Bridgetown, Hwy 2 takes visitors through some of Barbados' most marvelous landscapes and past some of the islands best natural attractions.

Going into the hills east of Speightstown, the road steadily climbs through historic sugarcane fields. The ruins of mills dot the landscape. At Portland there's a turnoff on a narrow road that winds under a cathedral of huge mahogany trees arching overhead to St Nicholas Abbey. About 700m southeast of the abbey, the road passes Cherry Tree Hill, which has grand views right across the Atlantic coast.

Rejoining Hwy 2 the road heads toward the coast, passing through the little town of Belleplaine, before curling back around and up into the hills where you'll find a pair of inviting botanical gardens. It continues west, passing close to Harrison's Cave and Welchman Hall Gully before sloping back down the hill to Bridgetown.

Highway 3

This lovely road goes up and over the middle of Barbados on a 16km route that links the west and east coasts. Along the way there are some historic sights and bucolic scenery.

Three kilometers east of the Clyde Wolcott Roundabout on the bypass, you'll pass the turnoff to Gun Hill on a small road heading south. Hwy 3B runs northeast of Gun Hill through gorgeous valleys and plains. It’s worthwhile to literally lose yourself here amid pretty farms punctuated with the odd colonial-era building. Turn north on one of the many small roads any time you want to rejoin Hwy 3.

Back on Hwy 3, about 8km after the Gun Hill turn, you’ll see squat little St Joseph’s Church on the left. From here it's a short drive downhill to Bathsheba.