Top things to do in Bridgetown Region

Beach in Bridgetown Region

Pebbles Beach

Running between two high-end hotels, this lovely stretch of sand is really just an extension of Brownes Beach. It has soft sands and calm waters and is home to water-sports outfitters. It offers a lively ambience ra…
Caribbean in Bridgetown Region

Brown Sugar

The much-loved Brown Sugar at Aquatic Gap is a lush paradise inside and out. The excellent West Indian buffet includes a variety of starters, half a dozen mains, salads and sweet delights. Dinner is off a menu that …
Beach in Bridgetown Region

Brownes Beach

A fine beach close to downtown Bridgetown (a 10-minute walk) that makes a good break before and after lunch and shopping. A long white crescent of sand bends along with the brilliant waters of Carlisle Bay. Lots of …
Caribbean in Bridgetown Region

India Grill

Ask serious roti connoisseurs the best place on the island to indulge and they'll point you to this simple hole-in-the-wall restaurant at the entrance to Aquatic Gap. It also does curry and rice, but the rotis are w…
Seafood in Bridgetown Region

Cuz's Fish Shack

Doles out stupendously juicy fish cutters (sandwiches) from a beachside food truck. Add cheese and hot sauce and you have some of the Caribbean's best fast food.
Historic Site in Bridgetown Region

Garrison Savannah Area

About 2km south of central Bridgetown and inland from Carlisle Bay, the Garrison is part of the World Heritage area and was the home of the British command in the 1800s. A focal point is the oval-shaped Savannah, wh…
Museum in Bridgetown Region

George Washington House

Just west of the Barbados Museum is a place that can truly claim that the great man slept here. After decades of research and debate, it was finally shown that this 18th-century estate had been the home of the futur…
Ribs in Bridgetown Region

Eddie's Rib Van

The empty car park looks like the kind of place where you'd go to buy weed, but parked in the middle is a large industrial truck with the sides cut out serving the island's best ribs. Eddie also serves chicken and f…
Middle Eastern in Bridgetown Region

Sahara Grill

Run by a friendly Bajan-Syrian family this spotless little place serves up delicious kebabs and Middle-Eastern plates with plenty of veg options. The lamb kebab and hummus are both top notch. It started out os a hol…
Museum in Bridgetown Region

Barbados Museum

This excellent museum is housed in an early 19th-century military prison. It has engaging displays on all aspects of the island’s history, beginning with its indigenous residents.