Top things to do

Gardens in Bathsheba

Andromeda Botanic Gardens

The island's original botanic gardens, this lovely spot has two exploratory paths that wind their way through a wide collection of tropical plants, including orchids, ferns, water lilies, bougainvillea, cacti and pa…
Caribbean in Bathsheba

Roundhouse Restaurant

Set in a dramatic stone building up on the hillside at the north end of town, this popular restaurant has customers throughout the day who sit around, sip cocktails and savor the views south over Soup Bowl. You can …
Beach in Bathsheba

Bathsheba Beach

A wild stretch of golden sand that's framed by rough headlands and punctuated by magnificent rock formations standing defiant in the shallows against the constant pounding of the waves. The waters here are not suita…
Bar in Bathsheba

Dina's Bar

This colorful wooden bar is poised right on the grassy foreshore by Mushroom Rock, but unfortunately the deck faces the wrong way – to the road rather than the water. Still, it's a good place for an evening drink an…
Caribbean in Bathsheba

Sea Side Bar

More bar than cafe (though local stews and the like are served on the deck at lunch), this joint hums with energy through the day as locals and surfers do their best to out-shout each other.