Around Bridgetown restaurants

Ribs in Around Bridgetown

Eddie's Rib Van

The empty car park looks like the kind of place where you'd go to buy weed, but parked in the middle is a large industrial truck with the sides cut out serving the island's best ribs. Eddie also serves chicken and f…
Caribbean in Around Bridgetown

Brown Sugar

The much-loved Brown Sugar, next to the Island Inn Hotel at Aquatic Gap, is a lush paradise inside and out. The excellent West Indian buffet is popular, while dinner is off a menu that includes shrimp Creole, lobste…
Caribbean in Around Bridgetown

India Grill

Ask serious roti connoisseurs the best place on the island to indulge and they'll point you to this simple hole-in-the-wall restaurant at the entrance to Aquatic Gap. It also does curry and rice, but the rotis are w…
Seafood in Around Bridgetown

Cuz's Fish Shack

Doles out stupendously juicy fish cutters (sandwiches) from a beachside food truck.