Taxi in Dhaka

Toma Taxi

Dhaka now has a radio taxi service called Toma Taxi, which has about 200-odd cabs plying the greater Dhaka area.
Bus in Bogra

Green Line

Green Line runs two daily air-con coaches to Dhaka (Tk 560, five hours, 10.30am and 1am). The morning coach leaves from the office; the night coach from the Parjatan Motel.
Ferry in Barisal

Rocket Ghat

The Rocket runs from Barisal’s Rocket Ghat to either Dhaka, in one direction, or Morrelganj in the other. It used to run all the way to Khulna, but silting of the riverbed has made the river too shallow for the vess…
Bus Station in Dhaka

Sayedabad Bus Station

Sayedabad bus station is 1km before Jatrabari Circle, on the southeastern side of town. Buses leave every half an hour or so to destinations in the south and west, such as Comilla (Tk 200 (non-AC only), three hours,…
Bus in Sylhet

Kadamtali Bus Stand

Sylhet’s main bus stand is Kadamtali bus stand. It’s a sprawling collection of roadside bus stands with buses to pretty much anywhere. Most run from around 6am until around 8pm. Services include several buses depart…
Ferry in Barisal

Launch Ghat

Numerous passenger ferries (cabin/2nd class Tk 1700/900), generally known as ‘launches’, drift slowly upriver from Barisal to Dhaka. Most leave around 8pm or 9pm, and use the main Launch Ghat, not the Rocket Ghat, w…
Ferry in Barisal

Green Line

Green Line operates a fast air-con catamaran service (1st/2nd class Tk 1000/700) between Barisal and Dhaka, departing the Launch Ghat at 2.30pm. The pricier seats come with a business-class-on-the-river feel, and al…
Bus in Sylhet

Sunamganj Bus Stand

Sunamganj bus stand, also known as Kumargaon bus terminal, is a few kilometres northwest of town, along Amberkhana Rd (which intersects Airport Rd) with buses running to Sunamganj (Tk 130, two hours, every hour 6am …
Train in Rajshahi

Train Station

Three trains go to Dhaka (AC berth/AC seat/shuvon Tk 1080/725/315, six hours, 7.30am daily except Sunday, 4pm daily except Tuesday and 11.20pm daily except Friday). One train also runs to Khulna (1st seat/shuvon Tk …