Don't Miss: Tea Estates

Despite being less scenic than their counterparts around Srimangal, the tea estates near Sylhet are still extremely pleasant places to wander around and, if you track down one of the managers on duty (their offices tend to be just inside the entrances to the estates), you may be able to arrange an informal tour of the tea-production factory.

The closest two are Lakkatura Tea Estate and Malnichara Tea Estate, both of which are accessed via Airport Rd, to the north of the city centre. The latter was established in 1857 and was the first commercial tea estate to be opened in Bangladesh.

A rickshaw should only cost around Tk 150 to Lakkatura and around Tk 200 to Malnichara. The Bengali for ‘tea estate’ is cha bagan.

You could simply walk to either estate, as both tea plantations line the main road and are impossible to miss. In any case, both are well signposted in English.