Bank in Sylhet

Sonali Bank

If you're crossing over to India, you can pay your Tk 500 ‘travel tax’ at this bank before heading to the Indian border at Tamabil.
Post in Sylhet

Post Office

Located in a quaint colonial campus, the post office is erratically staffed, although it offers international mail services.
Tourist Information in Srimangal & Around

Nishorgo Network

This government-run body manages several conservation and community development projects in and around the Srimangal area.
Hospital in Sylhet

MAG Osmani Medical College & Hospital

This is a state-run institution that packs in both basic and advanced healthcare and has a well-stocked pharmacy on site.
Internet in Sylhet

Ahana Net & Cyber Café

Sylhet's most central internet cafe. Connections are fast, but expect a queue.
Bank in Sylhet


This is the best place to change money or use an ATM for foreign cardholders.
Hospital in Sylhet

Ibn Sina Hospital

A chaotic but efficient place that treats emergency and OPD cases.
Internet in Srimangal & Around

E-Zone Cyber Café

Has the fastest connections in town.
ATM in Srimangal & Around


This is a foreign card–friendly ATM.
ATM in Sylhet

Brac Bank

This ATM accepts foreign cards.