Sylhet Division


Wildlife Reserve in Srimangal & Around

Lowacherra National Park

Lowacherra National Park

This wonderful patch of tropical semi-evergreen forest, around 8km east of Srimangal, provides some lovely forest walks and also your best chance of seeing the endangered hoolock gibbons in the wild. These are...

Mausoleum in Sylhet

Shrine of Hazrat Shah Jalal

This fascinating and atmospheric shrine of the revered 14th-century Sufi saint Shah Jalal is one of Bangladesh's biggest pilgrimage sites. Housing a mosque (masjid) and the main tomb (mazar), the complex is...

Village in Srimangal & Around


The closest Manipuri village to Srimangal is Ramnagar. Local tours will usually include a trip here, but you can also walk here yourself. Of all the ethnic groups of this region, the Manipuri are the most...

Village in Srimangal & Around


The best-known Tripura village near Srimangal is Dolubari. It’s an hour's walk or a Tk 100 CNG ride northeast of town through some gorgeous countryside. You’ll find that villagers are friendly and welcoming, even...

Plantation in Srimangal & Around

Finlays Tea Estate

The sprawling Finlays Tea Estate, just on the edge of Srimangal, is easily accessible, and you can step into the bushes and interact with tea pickers once you have taken prior permission from the estate office by...

Plantation in Srimangal & Around

Zareen Tea Estate

Zareen Tea Estate is home to the renowned Ispahani tea that is loved and consumed in copious quantities across Bangladesh. The glistening plantations lie about 1.5km beyond Radhanagar village, past some beautiful...

Wildlife Reserve in Srimangal & Around

Satchari National Park

About 60km southwest of Srimangal, this out-of-the-way sanctuary is overseen by the Nishorgo Network and has a similar set-up to Lowacherra National Park with walking trails, but is much less visited. A superb...

Bridge in Sylhet

Kean Bridge

The more central of the two bridges spanning the Surma River, Kean Bridge hails from the British era and was repaired after being damaged by Pakistani bombers during the Liberation War. It's no architectural...

Plantation in Srimangal & Around

Bangladesh Tea Research Institute

The Bangladesh Tea Research Institute (BTRI) isn’t a commercial estate, but rather the scientific headquarters of Bangladeshi tea production. New strains of tea and new growing techniques are tried out here, and...

Museum in Sylhet

Museum of the Rajas

This minuscule two-room museum located in the heart of Zinda Bazar was the former family home of mystic, poet and songwriter Dewan Hasan Raja Chowdhury (1854–1922), who has now become a Bengali folk-music legend...

Museum in Sylhet

Osmani Museum

This small, colonial-era house is dedicated to General Osmani, a key figure in the Liberation War. If you're really keen to visit, be warned that there's little inside that generates more interest than an algebra...

Mosque in Sylhet


This everyday mosque stands by the river, overlooking Kean Bridge.