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Cultural & Theme Tours

3-day Sreemangal Tour : Explore the tea capital of Bangladesh

Sreemangal is the tea capital of Bangladesh. Explore this green city with us. Meet with the workers of Tea garden . Enjoy Cycling into the tea garden. Also Explore the Lawachara national forest.
3 days
Day Trips & Excursions

Private Tour: Sreemangal Day Tour of Lowacherra National Park, Madhabpur Lake and Baikka Beel Wetland from Sylhet

Book this full-day tour in Sreemangal to visit some of the most amazing destinations including Baikka Beel Wetland, Lowacherra National Park, Adivasi Villages (Khasia Tribal Village), Madhabpur Lake, Tea Garden and Bangladesh Tea Research Institute. Baikka Beel Wetland is one of the most fascinating migrated bird and fish sanctuary sites in Sreemangal and Lawachara Rainforest National Park is known for a lot of tropical species in Bangladesh. Meet the local tribe at the Khasia Village and perhaps enjoy a cup of seven layer tea at Nilkantha Tea Cabin.
8 hours
Outdoor Activities

Private Tour: Full-Day Trekking Adventure Tour to Ham Ham Waterfall from Sylhet

Book this tour to experience an exciting full-day trekking activity to the famous Ham Ham Waterfall, or Hum Hum, in Moulvibazar. Take the adventure and experience the true nature of Bangladesh by walking through water, muddy paths, and jungle. The waterfall is located in Razkandi reserve forest and was just discovered in 2010. Get on a private car to Madhabpur and from there start a 4-hour trekking trail through hills and rivers to reach the Ham Ham Waterfall.
4 hours
Private & Custom Tours

Private Tour: Sylhet Full-Day Tour of Ratargul and Bisnakandi

Immerse yourself in the wild scenery of Ratargul and Bisnakandi during this 11-hour private group excursion from Sylhet. Visit the Ratargul Swamp Forest, one of the few freshwater swamp forests in the world, as take a boat ride through this unique ecological area. You’ll also visit Bisnakandi, a village situated near a scenic collection of mountains and rivers. Lunch, along with boat rides in Ratargul and Bisnakandi are included.
11 hours
Private & Custom Tours

Private Tour: Sylhet Full-Day Tour of Jaflong and Lalakhal

Book this full-day tour that leaves from Sylhet and takes you to explore Jaflong and Lalakhal in Sylhet. Jaflong as one of the most popular destinations is famous for the rolling stones from hills. Visit Lalakhal and take a boat ride in Mari River where you can witness the beautiful mountains and amazingly clear water.
8 hours
Day Trips & Excursions

Sreemangal Nature & Tribal Day Tour

Sreemangal, Blanketed in tea estates, rubber plantations and lemon groves, this region is among the most picturesque in the country knows as a tea capital of Bangladesh. It is also home to rain forests, wetlands and a scattering of traditional Manipuri , Khashia Tribal villages; Garo & santal tribal villages and here we will have an opportunity to explore the area in a little more depth, perhaps taking a chance to head out into the hills of the surma valley on local transport to look for betel farmers and birds.
8 hours