Museum in Sonargaon


Built in 1901, this stunning rajbari (Raj-era mansion) is an appropriate building for a folk-art museum, and was undergoing a massive renovation at the time of research. When finished it will be full of handicrafts …
Ruins in Sonargaon

Painam Nagar

Constructed almost entirely between 1895 and 1905 on a small segment of the ancient capital city, the tiny settlement of Painam Nagar consists of a single street, lined with around 50 (now dilapidated) mansions buil…
Mosque in Sonargaon

Goaldi Mosque

Built in 1519, and now virtually hidden behind thick bamboo groves and clusters of mango and jackfruit trees, the graceful, single-domed Goaldi Mosque is the most impressive of the few extant monuments of the origin…