Top things to do in Rangamati

Lake in Rangamati

Kaptai Lake

Dotted with islands, Kaptai is Bangladesh's largest artificial lake, created in 1960 for a hydroelectric project. It's a beautiful spot, and very popular with Bengali sightseers, but because of permit restrictions, …
Island in Rangamati

Chakma Islands

This whole area is a Chakma stronghold, but two islands in particular are interesting to visit. Rajbari (which means palace) is where the Chakma king has his rather unimpressive, recently rebuilt palace. You can’t e…
Buddhist Monastery in Rangamati

Bana Vihara Monastery

Bana Vihara, which can be reached, either via Rajbari Ghat, or via a bridge slightly further west, houses a large Buddhist monastery, constructed by Chakma Buddhist monks in 1972. You can wander the grounds, peek in…
Adivasi in Rangamati

Peda Ting Ting

A popular stop on boat trips to Shuvalong Falls, this shanty-looking restaurant, on a small low-lying island, does good-quality indigenous food in an unmatched location. Has an English menu. Expect a round trip from…
Bangladeshi in Rangamati

Biryani House

Pocket-sized locals’ favourite with no English menu but a manager who can talk you through which curries and biryanis are on offer that day. Great fun, good value, and also a good bet for dhal-and-roti breakfasts.
Bridge in Rangamati

Hanging Bridge

The Hanging Bridge, a low suspension bridge, not far from the Parjatan Holiday Complex, is another popular boat-trip destination.
Museum in Rangamati

Tribal Cultural Institute Museum

This museum has well-thought-out displays on the Adivasis of the Hill Tracts, including costumes, bamboo flutes, coins, silver-and-ivory necklaces and animal traps. There is also a map showing where the different pe…
Adivasi in Rangamati

Thai Mart

Run by a young and friendly group of Chakma staff and cooks, this relaxed restaurant with bamboo roofing does a mix of Chakma and Bengali dishes. There's an English menu, but despite the name, Thai food doesn't appe…
Bangladeshi in Rangamati

Green Restaurant

A good, clean restaurant serving up standard Bangladeshi fare, located next to the Hotel Nadisa International in Reserve Bazar.
Notable Building in Rangamati

Chakma King's Modern Palace

This modern, and rather unimpressive, palace was recently rebuilt by the Chakma king on the island of Rajbari.