Top things to do in Rajshahi

Top Choice Museum in Rajshahi

Varendra Research Museum

This gem of a museum is tucked away in an unassuming building on a quiet street, but can easily take up half a day of your time. Founded in 1910 with the support of the maharaja of Dighapatia, it is managed by Rajsh…
Cafe in Rajshahi

Order's Up

This stylish eatery on the 2nd floor of a shopping complex attracts college kids who file into its wood- and glass-panelled interiors to while away time over umpteen servings of frappe-style coffee and snacks such a…
Bangladeshi in Rajshahi


Chili's runs a food empire of sorts, with three restaurants located on both sides of the main drag. While the cafe and the Chinese eateries both come highly recommended, this flagship Bangladeshi restaurant is clear…
Historic Building in Rajshahi

Bodo Kuthi

High on the riverbank in Rajshahi, locked away behind gates and walls, Bodo Kuthi is one of the last remaining examples of the indigo kuthis (factories) in this region. Originally built by the Dutch as a silk factor…
Bangladeshi in Rajshahi

Bindu Restaurant

Located on a busy road crossing just opposite Hotel Dalas International, this proletarian eatery is popular for dhal-roti breakfasts and set Bangladeshi meals that can be paired with a wide choice of fish and meat c…
Cafe in Rajshahi


Earlier known as Aristocrat, this long-time local favourite does a good range of coffees, desserts and ice cream in an annexe cafe that is attached to a refined Indian restaurant. The best Indian food in town can be…
Market in Rajshahi

Saheb Bazar

Saheb Bazar, in the immediate vicinity of the central junction known as Zero Point, is a heady mix of winding alleys and colourful stores, and is also great for aimless wandering. Most of Rajshahi's restaurants and …
Sweets in Rajshahi

Rajshahi Mistanno Vander

This is the busiest among a number of sweet shops near Zero Point offering mishti doi (sweetened yoghurt) and a wide selection of yummy traditional Bengali sweetmeats.
Historic Building in Rajshahi

Rajshahi Government College

One of the centre's significant Raj-era buildings, Rajshahi Government College dates back to 1873, when several maharajas donated money to its establishment. It's an elegant two-storey edifice with beautiful semi-ci…
Market in Rajshahi

New Market

The cube of chaos that is New Market, on the way to the train station, is most active in the morning. The market has everything from colourful fabrics and home utensils to souvenirs and handicrafts on sale – a photo…