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Somapuri Vihara

Somapuri Vihara

The hulking 20m-high remains of a 1300-year-old red-brick stupa form the central attraction of the vast monastery complex at Somapuri Vihara. Shaped like a quadrangle covering 11 hectares, the complex has...

Museum in Paharpur

Paharpur Museum

The small but well-kept museum gives a good idea of the range of cultures that have used this site. Stucco Buddha heads unearthed here are similar to the Gandhara style of Indo-Hellenic sculpture from what is now...

Ruins in Paharpur

Halud Vihara

About 15km southwest of Somapuri Vihara, in the small village of Dwipganj, is the impressive and underrated Halud Vihara. The central mound, akin to Somapuri, is about 30m wide and 7m high but is badly damaged,...