Top things to do in Puthia

Hindu Temple in Puthia

Shiva Temple

Built in 1823, the towering Shiva Temple sits at the entrance to Puthia village, overlooking a pond. It’s an excellent example of the pancha-ratna (five-spire) Hindu style common in northern India. Unfortunately, ma…
Hindu Temple in Puthia

Govinda Temple

Arguably the most startling monument in Puthia village is the Govinda Temple, located inside the palace, on the left-hand side of the inner courtyard. Erected between 1823 and 1895 by one of the maharanis of the Put…
Palace in Puthia

Puthia Palace

This stately, multi-columned, two-storey palace was built in 1895 by Rani Hemanta Kumari Devi in honour of her illustrious mother-in-law, Maharani Sharat Sundari Devi. She was a major benefactor in the Rajshahi regi…