Mymensingh attractions

Park in Mymensingh

Riverbank Parks

The thin stretch of parkland on the waterfront at the western edge of town makes up one of the most enjoyable public spaces in this part of Bangladesh. Late every afternoon, locals take full advantage by decamping d…
Historic Building in Mymensingh

Mymensingh Rajbari

Built between 1905 and 1911, this well-kept former mansion in the city centre is now occupied by an organisation that trains female teachers, but much of the original structure remains. An ornamental marble fountain…
Market in Mymensingh

Old Town Bazaars

The original alleyway-riddled core of the town, located between the train station and the waterfront, is a fascinating place in which to get lost. The lanes are filled with market stalls selling all manner of goods;…
Gardens in Mymensingh

Botanical Gardens

Three or four kilometres east of town, next to the Agriculture and Fisheries College, are the large and peaceful botanical gardens. Well laid out, although not particularly well maintained, they make a decent place …
Hindu Temple in Mymensingh

Shiva Temple

Mymensingh has a large Hindu minority and there are several notable Hindu shrines in the old town area, of which this Shiva temple by the river is the most easily visited.
Notable Building in Mymensingh

Old Red-Brick Water Tower

This colonial-era brick water tower is a noticeable landmark in the old centre of Mymensingh.
Mosque in Mymensingh

Boro Mosque

Mosque serving Mymensingh's Boro Bazaar.
Mosque in Mymensingh

New Mosque

This local mosque is a useful landmark.