Taka (Tk)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than Tk 1500

  • Basic accommodation (no air-con, no hot water) Tk 500–750
  • Meal in local Bangladeshi restaurant Tk 80–150
  • Regional bus ticket Tk 80–200

Midrange: Tk 1500–4000

  • Decent room with air-con and hot-water shower Tk 2000
  • Meal at air-con restaurants serving Chinese, Indian and Bangladeshi food Tk 300
  • Travel by non-air-con coach Tk 200

Top End: More than Tk 4000

  • Room in the best hotel in town, or any half-decent place in Dhaka Tk 4000
  • Meal in-house or at restaurants with international cuisine TK 1800
  • Travel by air-con coach or hire car Tk 600


Haggling is the norm in Bangladesh when buying from markets, but most shops have fixed prices, though some bargaining can be expected in souvenir shops. As elsewhere in the region, the trader will ask for more than the going rate, and the buyer will offer less, then the two parties will work towards something in the middle.


AB Bank ATM accepts foreign-cards.

Dutch Bangla Bank ATM recognises foreign cards.

Standard Chartered Bank Changes money and has an ATM.