Cafe in Khulna

Goon Goon Coffee Shop

This modern eatery stocks an assortment of pastries, sandwiches and cakes and, most importantly, presses fresh coffee. You could also try the tasty shawarma rolls, although they are far from authentic....

Bangladeshi in Mongla

Royal Bengal Restaurant

Located across the river within the premises of Parjatan Hotel (also known as Hotel Pashur), this clean and well-serviced restaurant has a very good selection of simple yet tasty Bangladeshi and Indian options in...

Bangladeshi in Khulna

Aloka Restaurant

Extremely popular with locals, this place whips up delicious, no-nonsense main courses (biryanis, curries and set meals) plus hearty breakfasts (dhal, fried egg, paratha), and is run by a friendly manager who...

Bangladeshi in Kushtia


A very popular roadside restaurant, this place makes unending platters of kebabs, biryani and extremely tasty fried chicken that hit the spot. There’s also a lip-smackingly good selection of sweets in an attached...

Bangladeshi in Khulna


The kebabs (served from 4.30pm) at this smart eatery are simply mouthwatering, although on most evenings, they will have been gulped down by eager diners even before you arrive. Kebabs aside, the menu has a...

Bengali in Jessore

New Nuru Hotel

The unchallenged curry king of Jessore, this place does a very popular mutton curry (Tk 90) that's best eaten with plain rice and an assortment of bhorta and bhaji on the side. The fiery kebabs and the simple...

Chinese in Jessore

Rose Garden

This is a clean and friendly restaurant with an extensive Chinese menu, tucked away on the upper floors of a small shopping centre. It seems extremely popular with Jessore's locals as a place for family outings...

Chinese in Kushtia


This place does a sort of quasi-Chinese selection that is far from authentic, but is nonetheless tasty and wholesome. It's housed in clean surrounds on the 1st floor of a building on the northern side of NS Rd, a...

Bangladeshi in Bagerhat

Dhansiri Restaurant

A popular dining place among locals, this fast-moving restaurant does a few good fish platters (try the fresh and tasty prawns from neighbouring hatcheries), and hygiene standards are probably the best you'll...

Bangladeshi in Mongla

Paradise Hotel

Paradise serves fresh riverine catches for lunch and dinner, prepared in rustic but palatable flavours. It's otherwise a featureless eatery, with functional seating and a no-nonsense attitude. No English spoken.

Bangladeshi in Mongla

Sureswar Hotel & Restaurant

This local favourite located on the main drag stocks the standards and has a handy ‘food catalogue’ painted onto the wall in English. It's a good place for an early morning dhal-and-roti breakfast.

Supermarket in Khulna

Meena Bazar

Stock up on extra snacks for your Sundarbans boat trip from this small Western-style supermarket chain.