Hindu Temple in Jessore

Chachra Shiv Mandir

About 3km down the road to Khulna, this quaint and delightful 18th-century temple is certainly worth an excursion out of Jessore's urban mess. Dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva, the temple is built in the Bengal...

Bengali in Jessore

New Nuru Hotel

The unchallenged curry king of Jessore, this place does a very popular mutton curry (Tk 90) that's best eaten with plain rice and an assortment of bhorta and bhaji on the side. The fiery kebabs and the simple...

Chinese in Jessore

Rose Garden

This is a clean and friendly restaurant with an extensive Chinese menu, tucked away on the upper floors of a small shopping centre. It seems extremely popular with Jessore's locals as a place for family outings...

Notable Building in Jessore

High Court Building

The imposing facade of the High Court is an exercise in red-brick architectural styles that date back to the British colonial era. The building is set amid a shaded garden, which is open to outsiders. The main...

Church in Jessore

Catholic Church

A modest structure located along one of Jessore's main streets, this church is open for prayers and casual visits through the day. The Sunday mass (held in the evenings, considering it's a working day) sees a few...

Mosque in Jessore

Islamic Mosque

The central mosque of Jessore has a minaret that towers overs the urban congestion below. It's off one of the town's busiest crossings.

Mosque in Jessore

Islamic Mosque

This mosque has a riverside location, but there's little of interest to see within its plain walls.