The best accommodation options in Bangladesh are concentrated in popular destinations such as Dhaka, Cox's Bazar, Sylhet and Srimangal. A few outlying places, such as RDRS Guesthouse in Rangpur, can also provide a truly unique experience.

  • Hotels Bangladesh's hotels range from lavish resorts to threadbare pigeonholes, depending on budget. Barring the better midrange and top-end addresses, standards usually range from average to poor.
  • Guesthouses These smaller boutique places can often provide better attention to detail, catering to a more niche clientele.
  • Ecoresorts In places like tea-draped Srimangal, these addresses provide a nature-oriented experience.


Places we list as budget really are no-frills. If you’re used to roughing it as a budget backpacker around places like India, then they will be clean enough, although they are often far from spotless. In the very cheap places you may want to use your own sleeping sheet or sleeping bag rather than the sometimes grubby bed sheets provided. Budget rooms will come with a small attached bathroom (unless stated otherwise), although budget hotel showers are often cold-water only and the toilets are often squat jobs.

Note that budget hotels are sometimes reluctant to accept foreigners because of the red tape required by the government. Places listed were accepting foreign guests at the time of writing, but be aware that this can change.


Midrange hotels will be clean, and will come with air-con, TV and an attached bathroom that will usually have a hot-water shower. Rooms in this bracket tend to be rather spartan, though.

Top End

There are a few international-standard top-end hotels in Dhaka, but apart from these, the top-end hotels we list in this guide are, generally speaking, comfortable business-class hotels, rather than luxurious places to stay.

Hotel Facilities

Pretty much every hotel room in every price bracket in Bangladesh comes with a TV, and the good news for sports and movie fans is that TV is almost always multi-channel cable TV, with plenty of English-language options.

Very few hotels outside Dhaka have wi-fi, or an internet connection of any sort, but we’ve indicated those that do.

Almost all midrange and top-end hotels have their own restaurant. Many budget ones do, too.

Budget hotels without hot-water showers will provide a bucket of hot water if you ask.

In tourist hotspots such as Srimangal and Cox's Bazar, getting a hotel room in the peak season (from October to March) can be a challenge, especially over weekends. The same applies to festive windows in certain places, such as the twice-yearly folk music festivals in Kushtia. Advance bookings are recommended during these periods.