Cinema is the most popular evening diversion for locals, but it's rare to find a non-Bengali language film outside of the capital. In larger cities, look out for performances of traditional Bengali music and dance. Live sport is very popular, including cricket and hadudu (kabaddi).

Feature: Hadudu

Although cricket is followed much more passionately, kabaddi – known locally as hadudu – is the national sport of Bangladesh. In this ancient team sport, each side takes turns to send a player into the opposing team's territory to tag a member of the opposite team. The 'raider' must then make it back across the centre line without being caught by the opposing players. The twist is that they must do this on a single breath of air, while repeating the word 'kabaddi'. If a 'raider' is held down until they have to take a breath, no point is awarded. The origins of kabaddi date back to the defence of villages by local militias in medieval India.